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The Ultimate Guide to Old House Renovation Design

Renovating an old house can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. The charm and character of older homes offer a unique canvas for creativity and personal expression. In this guide, we’ll explore various renovation ideas for old homes, including exterior updates and small space solutions, to help you create a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

Understanding Old House Renovation Design

Old house renovation design involves more than just updating an outdated space. It’s about preserving the unique features that give your home its character while enhancing functionality and comfort. Whether you’re tackling a large-scale project or making small changes, thoughtful design is key to a successful renovation.

Renovation Ideas for Old Homes Exterior

Transform your old home’s exterior with these timeless renovation ideas.

Preserving Historical Charm

One of the most important aspects of old house renovation design is maintaining the historical integrity of the exterior. This could involve restoring original architectural features such as cornices, brackets, and window trims. Using period-appropriate materials and colors can also help preserve the house’s historical charm.

Modern Enhancements

While preserving the historical elements, modern enhancements can improve both aesthetics and functionality. Consider updating the roofing, adding energy-efficient windows, or enhancing the landscape with period-appropriate plants and pathways.

Small Old House Renovation Ideas

Your small old house with creative renovation ideas that maximize space and enhance charm.

Maximizing Space

Small old houses often require creative solutions to maximize space. Built-in storage, multi-functional furniture, and open floor plans can make a significant difference. Removing non-load-bearing walls can open up space, making the home feel larger and more inviting.

Light and Bright

Bringing in more natural light is a simple yet effective way to make a small old house feel more spacious. Larger windows, skylights, and light-colored walls and ceilings can create a brighter, more open atmosphere.

Renovation Ideas for Old Homes

Creative renovation ideas for old homes to preserve historical charm while enhancing modern comfort and functionality.

Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, and renovating an old house’s kitchen can have a significant impact. Consider updating the cabinetry and countertops while preserving original features like exposed brick or wooden beams.

Bathroom Updates

Old house bathrooms can benefit from modern updates that enhance both style and functionality. Installing new fixtures, retiling, and adding modern conveniences like heated floors can transform a dated bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Living Area Enhancements

Renovating living areas in old homes often involves finding a balance between preserving historical features and creating a comfortable, functional space. Consider restoring original fireplaces, refinishing hardwood floors, and updating lighting fixtures.


Embarking on an old house renovation design project is a journey that combines respect for the past with a vision for the future. By carefully planning and incorporating thoughtful renovation ideas for old homes, you can create a space that honors its history while meeting your modern needs. Ready to start your renovation journey? Contact the JMS Home Improvement PROS today for a consultation and let’s bring your vision to life!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What are the best renovation ideas for old homes exterior?

The best renovation ideas for old homes exterior include preserving historical architectural features, using period-appropriate materials and colors, and incorporating modern enhancements like energy-efficient windows and improved landscaping.

  1. How can I maximize space in a small old house?

Maximizing space in a small old house can be achieved by using built-in storage, multi-functional furniture, and creating open floor plans. Bringing in more natural light through larger windows and skylights can also make the space feel larger.

  1. What are some budget-friendly small old house renovation ideas?

Budget-friendly renovation ideas include painting walls in light colors, updating fixtures, and using affordable materials for updates. DIY projects like refurbishing old furniture and creating your own décor can also save money.

  1. How can I maintain the historical charm during renovation?

Maintaining the historical charm involves restoring original features, using period-appropriate materials, and preserving architectural details. Consulting with a restoration expert can help ensure the renovations stay true to the home’s history.

  1. What should I consider when renovating an old home’s kitchen?

When renovating an old home’s kitchen, consider updating cabinetry and countertops while preserving original features like exposed brick or wooden beams. Modernizing appliances and enhancing lighting can also improve the kitchen’s functionality and aesthetics.

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